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Felipe Amador


I want to give my personal testimony on the positive and radical change my life had from the day I had surgery performed by Dr. Carlos Quesada and without leaving aside the medical group in charge of nutrition (Monica Umana) and psychology (Gina Vargas), which have been impeccable and very professional.

The natural tendency of all human beings is to gain weight over the years and for someone as obese as me this was going at a accelerated rate. I knew that having excess weight was a factor that had run out of control, and even with this in mind, I tried to ignore the situation by pretending everything was fine and being indifferent to everyone's comments (generally being funny to those that make the comments, but not to those getting them). If we add to this the fact that I lead a very sedentary life, was diagnosed with high blood pressure, with thyroid problems, I was becoming desperate; I was NOT on the right track.

On my first consultation previous to the surgery my weight was more or less 280 lbs, and my height is 5' 1/4", the lab tests results showed that I was an "optimal candidate" to undergo surgery in addition to the illnesses mentioned previously there was no doubt whatsoever that surgery was necessary. Once this was decided, I chose not to back out; it was a risk that I was willing to take for a healthy new life, and complete integral well-being.

I can say that the medical procedure itself is very simple (from my point of view as a patient), the most important thing in the process is the COMMITMENT you make as a patient from the moment you decide to undergo surgery. You are not fat because you do not like food, thus you have to be willing to leave aside certain delights, convince yourself that this is good for you, that it is not a temporary thing that "you undergo surgery and that is it" you have to be willing to change your life style forever.
The changes are evident from the first week, I did not have to take any more medications for high blood pressure or thyroid problems, (these "ailments" disappeared from the moment the surgery was performed); if the instructions are followed carefully, you have will power, the intention and mood to want to change. How can it not be comforting for you to see how clothes you used to wear become looser and looser? How can it not be nice to receive compliments from people that value your effort and see the results? You feel better about yourself all around, everyone perceives it and you have another attitude towards life in general.

A little over a year after having undergone surgery my actual weight is 65 kilos. I have followed carefully each one of the indications given by the doctor, the psychologist and the nutritionist, I try to do exercise at least 3 times a week and eat healthy. I AM A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON, all my "ailments" were cured, I am a healthy person and have a life expectancy as anyone that has never had morbid obesity problems.

I would like to give with this testimony my most sincere support to all the people that at one point have thought about having this surgery performed. Mental and physical health take a complete turn in your personal life and with the support of a group of doctors with such professionalism as well as the support of my family which is the most important thing to me gives you total peace of mind so that anyone can make the decision to undergo surgery and this way get in a short period of time great benefits from it.

before gastric bypass  after gastric by-pass

Mayte Rodriguez

I began my research for gastric bypass several years ago, contacted over 6 Doctors and Hospitals to gather more information and make sure the surgery was what I was looking for, due to being scared of the complications and other issues that could have arised. In the meantime I did weight watchers, Quick weight loss and other many diets that did not really work after losing 20-25 lbs I would stop losing and then got disappointed and change diet again.

On Sept 2009 a family member who lives in Costa Rica recommended me to speak to Dr. Ramirez Quesada. I emailed his office that same day and they responded super quick with a full description of surgeries available and specific answers to my questions.  I scheduled everything and flew to Costa Rica to meet Dr. Quesada. My first impression was great he was not rushing, he really made me feel comfortable and also gave me the confidence I needed to make my final decision. I live in Florida and even after the surgery we have been in contact at least monthly. My surgery was 11 months ago and I have lost 150 lbs and have had no problems at all.

I feel this has been the best decision I have made in my life I feel like a different person and I thank Dr. Quesada for all his support and caring I could not have made a better choice in Doctor.

before gastric by-pass after gastric by-pass in costa rica


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