One of the least easily modifiable areas of the human body is the buttocks region; hardly affected by weight training or dieting, it is easy to guess why many people are looking for a way to change the appearance of their buttocks. Thanks to the great advanced in technology, people now have a great diversity of size and shape implants from which to select from.

Which shape and size you choose depends greatly on your needs and wants as well as on your body build and constitution. If you are in average physical condition or in good health, you are an ideal aspirant for this type of procedure.

Buttock Implants Prices

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What Can I Expect

HCR connects you with one of the best teams of doctors in the industry and we are therefore aware of the different types of needs our diverse patients have. But no matter what you are looking for, we will provide you with the best service and aid you in every possible way in your pursuit to enhance your appearance.

Buttock implants are a certified way to help you boost your confidence and to improve your features. Keep in mind that buttock implants are designed to enhance, not to provide perfection. Therefore, if your outlook is realistic and you are searching for an augment in your appearance, this type of plastic surgery is the one for you.

For buttock enhancement, certified plastic surgeons use a flexible silicone implant. Each of these is custom made for the client to provide the best results and to meet their needs. These solid implants are easily placed between the gluteus medius muscle and the gluteus maximus muscle. Keep in mind that these type of implant is completely different from a breast implant; the latter are solid silicone while the former are fluid-filled sacks.

However, recent progress in this type of surgery has allowed for the implants to be placed under the muscle fascia and the gluteus maximus; they are inserted so as to provide the utmost projection in line with the pubis. In females, plastic surgeons usually insert the implant 20% lower than in males, since this gives a raised buttock and looks much better in hip hugging jeans.


Surgery Planning

As with every other procedure, HCR strongly advises that patients have a detailed discussion with their plastic surgeon before the surgery is performed. By doing so, both parties have the opportunity to contribute in the whole process and to increase the client’s level of satisfaction. When speaking with your doctor, please feel free to talk openly and to express your doubts as well as your expectations. Your surgeon will help determine what isn’t or what is possible to accomplish, helping you to improve your looks in the best way possible.

In this initial discussion, your doctor will explain all that the surgery implies, from where it will be performed, the cost of the procedure, the risks it may entail, the recovery process and every other detail so that you are completely informed. All the different aspects of the surgery you are willing to undertake must be extremely clear to you.

Make sure to ask your doctor concerning the diverse details that the surgery entails. For example, you should know if you should stop taking certain medications or if you will need to refrain from drinking or eating for a certain time period before your surgery. It may be possible that you will need to wash your face constantly before your operation or you might need to stop taking certain vitamins.

Having a good communication with your surgeon at all times will help increase your level of satisfaction, therefore, please do not hesitate to contact HCR in Costa Rica since we will be more than happy to help you with anything you need.

The Procedure

Full-body anesthesia is used in this type of procedure and generally takes from 1 to 2 hours to be performed. The approximate area where the implant will be inserted is marked by the surgeon and incisions are usually made in the intergluteal fold. Incisions are made carefully between the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius so as to avoid the sciatic nerve.

In buttock enhancement, the client usually seeks a harmonious, continuous, S-shaped curved buttock which is wider at the ups and has no dimples nor gives any signs that an implant had been inserted.

Through the incision, the gluteus maximus is lifted to create a large enough pocket for the implant to fit into. Once it is fitted, the surgeon continues work on the other buttock and examines both sides carefully to make sure that the result is symmetric and natural-looking.

When a satisfied effect is achieved, the doctor closes the incisions with dissolvable stitches and a bandage is placed so that the buttocks are compressed so that the level of discomfort and swelling is reduced.

Post-Op – After Surgery

The bandages are removed a couple of days after the surgery and once they are taken away, the patient can begin to move around and to take showers. After 5 to days, you will be able to walk, move and sit much more comfortably. Results become evident immediately, since there is very little swelling and bruising. But the natural contours and soft texture of the buttocks return slowly during the following months. Keep in mind that is generally takes from 6 to 8 months for the results of the implant to feel as it they’re part of you body and eventually, you will forget that you even have them.

During the first few weeks, you will need to refrain from participating in strenuous activities such as exercise. This area of the body is required for all type of movement (including sitting), therefore, the level of pain experiences during the recovery process of this cosmetic treatment can be high. To help you with the discomfort, your doctor will prescribe some medications. However, you can resume gym work, running and bicycling around a month after the procedure.

Health Issues

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, complications are unusual, but they sometimes do happen.

In the case of buttock implants, infection is extremely uncommon, but in the case of its occurrence, it is treated with antibiotics during a five day period. Infection can happen when an implant shifts slightly out of place and further surgery can sometimes be needed to remove it temporarily and to be replaced later on. However, keep in mind that these cases are very rare and certified surgeons always give their full efforts to prevent such difficulties from occurring.

As it was previously explained, implants are mostly manufactured from a solid silicone material. At present, no scientific evidence has been given that proves that this substance is harmful to the body. If you have any concerns or question concerning the implants, feel free to discuss them with your doctor.

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