HCR thrives to provide all the information that it takes for you to make the best decision on getting Liposculpture done in Costa Rica.

Liposculpture is a very modern aesthetic technique used in plastic surgery, also known as “surgery without a scalpel” that has practically no complications. This intervention takes anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours to be completed.

It is indicated primarily for young people, that have an apparently “normal” weight and are not able to eliminate localized fat on their body with exercise or diets and it attempts to harmoniously even out the ratio between the waist, hips and bust.

It can also be used on elderly men or women or overweight patients but it is not recommended for people with abundant fat or hanging skin, if the skin is very much deteriorated this treatment may not be the correct one for you.

Liposculpture Prices

Please check here for price estimates. Price changes and updates are not shown on the website immediately. If you wish to obtain more information regarding the current costs of a particular procedure, please contact us .

Adequate Candidates

Am I an adequate candidate to have Liposculpture done? If a person possesses fat deposits that disharmonize the contours of their body or face, and is of normal weight, with relatively elastic skin, then he or she is an ideal candidate for liposculpture. Obviously this resource is looked at if the areas that are bothersome have not disappeared besides doing exercise or having a low calorie diet.

What areas can be modified through Liposculpture?
With this procedure you may modify face, neck, arms, back, chest, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and calves.

The Procedure

How is this procedure done in Costa Rica? This revolutionary aesthetic technique allows unwanted body fat to be taken out, while at the same time holding the specific area that is being treated. It replaces the regular Liposuction machine and the vacuum that is used in this surgery with syringes and cannulas that are much thinner; the end result is a very artistic job, and much less traumatic then similar procedures.

This method has become more and more popular in Costa Rica and is highly recommended by the staff at HCR. What is primarily important about this procedure is that it does not depend on the results of a machine but on the capability and professional qualifications of the specialist who performs it.

This medical treatment will be preformed in a sterilized, secure operation room with all the necessary precautions to attend in case of an eventuality.

Local anesthesia will be given through a low temperature adrenaline injection, which besides being extremely effective, reduces the risk of bleeding and results in a better extraction of the fat desired.


Advantages and Characteristics:
1. Molds the specific body part in a very artistic manner, sculpting the body.

2. Uses local anesthesia complemented with cold to treat the wanted area.

3. Has a very short postoperative period with hardly any consequences.

4. It is preformed on specific areas, depending on the individual’s needs.

5. The procedure is considered to be ambulatory, recovery is very fast, approximately a week’s rest and two week’s no exercise

6. A band will be worn for about a month, to help the tissue get back into place.

Health Issues

Disadvantages and Characteristics:
Possible disadvantages are: complications from retaining liquid in the tissue and that the skin may have a negative “lumpy” effect, but of course if the treatment is done by a qualified professional there should be no negative side effects

Surgery Cost

How much will this procedure cost you in Costa Rica? This treatment is not at all costly here in Costa Rica, compared to the United Sates. Depending on the area of your body that you want treated, prices may range from $600 -$1500

One last recommendation that HCR would like to make is that you understand that liposculpture is not a quick weight loss fix, but an effective option to define and soften your figure instantly.

It is necessary to think that a patient that has such aspiring ambitions has decided to change their lifestyle for a healthier one that includes exercise and maintaining a low calorie diet so the objective of the procedure is fully accomplished.

This means that while you do not have the specific goal of feeling and looking better, liposculpture is not the method for you, because results will not last long and you may regain your old figure.

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