Improved Technique with Lipo Surgery.

With the recent advancements in liposuction techniques, plastic surgeons have increasingly improved such procedures and have brought their patients’ satisfaction to a whole new degree. Tumescent (firm) liposuction is such a technique and takes body sculpting procedures a step further.

This procedure consists in a surgical sculpting fat removal method which controls the bleeding by injecting anesthesia fluid into the tissues of the affected area. The adrenaline content of the injected fluid controls the blood loss throughout the procedure, and thus increases the safety of the whole operation. Great surgery skills are needed to perform this treatment, since the extra fluid in the tissues veils the final sculpturing shape he/she is trying to achieve.

Tumescent Liposuction Prices

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What Can I Expect

Whenever you come to the decision to put forward a plan of choosing to perform any type of plastic surgery, you always need to remember that no treatment will be able to provide a ‘perfect’ aspect to your body. The objective of esthetic treatment is to achieve an improvement in your features, not to provide an ‘ideal’. This can aid you to boost your self-confidence and assurance by making you feel better with the way you look while at the same time keeping realistic and down-to-earth expectations. This is one of the essential values we have here at HCR; we want our patients to be completely satisfied with the results of their surgery and to heighten their self-esteem.

Tumescent liposuction is an extremely precise technique and therefore, you can expect less bruising, swelling and pain compared to other liposuction procedures. Any good candidate for these other treatments is also a great candidate for a tumescent technique; being in general good health is always an important factor when considering any type of plastic surgery. Bear in mind that patients who are slightly overweight are the ones who benefit the most from liposuction, so it is best to be at or near your normal weight. Performing this surgery on localized areas of protruding fat always results in the most dramatic of outcomes.

You always need to keep in mind that when it comes to liposuction, the treatment will be able to remove the excess fat, however, it cannot prevent it from building up again after the surgery. If you do not watch your diet and exercise regularly, the fat will return. Also, remember that fat is more difficult to remove in men than in women, since male fat is usually more fibrous or tougher; therefore, a tumescent liposuction takes slightly longer to perform for men.

By connecting you with one of the best teams of doctors in the market, HCR is aware of the different types of needs our diverse patients may have. Therefore, we will provide the best service possible for you, not matter what you are looking for, and we will aid you in every feasible way in your pursuit to enhance your appearance.

Surgery Planning

Before any type of treatment is performed, patients are strongly advised to have an initial consultation with their plastic surgeon. By doing so, both parties have the chance to contribute in the whole process and to increase the client’s level of fulfillment. The patient must discuss his/her expectations openly with their doctor, who will help determine what isn’t or what is possible to accomplish. All the different aspects of the surgery you are willing to undertake (the cost and recovery process) must be extremely clear to you.

You will need to inform you doctor of any allergies you might be prone to or if you have any serious medical conditions. Make sure to ask your surgeon concerning the diverse details that the surgery entails. For example, you should know if you should stop taking certain medications (eg: aspirin) or if you will need to refrain from drinking or eating for a certain time period before your surgery.

When making preparations for your surgery in Costa Rica, HCR will make sure to provide all the best comforts during your procedure. We will arrange for your transport and will offer the best commodities during your healing period. All this can be arranged with our organization beforehand.

If you have any questions, our surgeons will be more than happy to help you during your initial discussion.

The Procedure

One of the advantages of tumescent liposuction is that it does not require full bodied sedation since it already provides local anesthesia to the patient. The infiltrated solution is enough to numb the whole region where the surgery will be performed.

A large amount of the dilute saline solution (containing lidocaine and epinephrine) is injected into the fat beneath the skin, forcing the affected area to become firm and swollen. The epinephrine (adrenaline) causes deep restricted vasoconstriction which practically eliminates any surgical bleeding during the procedure.

Once the anesthesia has started working, your doctor proceeds to remove the excess fat from the numb area. The length of the surgery will depend on the extent of the whole procedure. When the whole process is done, your surgeon will cover the area with a bandage.

Post-Op – After Surgery

The level of pain after the surgery is lessened by the long-acting anesthetic effects of the injected solution. For the first couple of days, it is natural for you to experience some swelling and bruising in the affected region. Also, your surgeon will most likely insert tiny drainage tubes under the skin to remove any excess fluids which might accumulate, minimizing the risk of infection.

You will be able to resume light activity after the first few days; it is recommended that you walk around as soon as possible to avoid any blot clots from forming. You will be able to return to work around 7 to 10 days afterwards. However, you will have to avoid any exercise or strenuous activities for at least 3 weeks, since it can lead to an increase in your swelling.

The results of the treatment will become evident right after the surgery. However, you will find increasing improvement as the days go by due to the diminishing of the swelling. You can expect the inflammation to completely subside after 3 months and the final result of your treatment will become 100% visible.

Health Issues

Whenever a tumescent liposuction is performed by a certified surgeon, it is always an incredibly safe procedure. However, you must keep in mind that, even though they are unusual, complications can happen and it is best to be informed concerning any possible risks.

Some of the risks related to this treatment, although extremely unusual, are pulmonary edema (accumulation of liquid in the lungs) which can happen if too much solution is injected. Also, if the lidocaine content of the solution is too high, lidocaine toxicity can occur. Other related problems are blood clots, skin loss, infection, skin depressions (due to excessive liposuction), permanent discoloration and temporary lumpiness.

Make sure you strictly follow all your doctor’s instructions during and after the cosmetic procedure so that such scenarios are fully prevented.

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