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Porcelain Veneers in Costa Rica

If you’ve always desired to have one of those flashy and perfect smiles, porcelain veneers may be the solution you’ve been looking for. With this procedure, the color, shape and alignment of your teeth can be altered, giving you a more pleasant and attractive smile without putting your long-term dental health at risk. By submitting yourself to this procedure, you will be able to enhance your facial appearance and change the way you relate to the world.

The objective of this procedure is to cover the front surface of your teeth (or tooth, depending on your individual case) by bonding them with a fine layer of porcelain. Veneers are as strong as natural teeth and are guaranteed to last a very long time. They can be used to cover unpleasant spaced between your teeth as for covering stains and discoloration.

For a more masculine smile, dentists usually use veneers to create squarer teeth, while using deeper curves to separate each tooth creates a more feminine smile. At the same time, veneers can strengthen teeth which have suffered from decay or amalgam (old restoration technique). Also, they are custom made to fit accurately over your teeth and are 100% tissue-friendly, which leads to an enhancement of your gum tissue health.

Porcelain Veneers Prices

Please check here for price estimates. Price changes and updates are not shown on the website immediately. If you wish to obtain more information regarding the current costs of a particular procedure, please contact us .

What Can I Expect

Whenever you come to the decision of submitting yourself to any type of dental treatment, you always need to keep in mind that no procedure will be able to provide a ‘perfect’ aspect. The objective of a cosmetic treatment is to achieve an enhancement in your features, not to provide an ‘ideal’. This can help your boost your self-confidence and assurance, making you feel better with the way you look while at the same time keeping realistic and down-to-earth expectations. This is one of the core values we have here at HCR; we want our clients to be completely satisfied with the results of their treatment and to heighten their self-esteem.

The best candidates for the use of porcelain veneers are patients who have broken/chipped teeth, suffer from unpleasant stains, washed out fillings and crooked teeth.

By connecting you with one of the best teams of doctors in the industry, HCR is aware of the different types of needs our diverse patients may have. Therefore, we will provide the best service possible for you, not matter what you are looking for, and we will aid you in every possible way in your pursuit to enhance your appearance.

Procedure Planning

At HCR we strongly advise patients to have an initial consultation with their cosmetic dentist before any procedure is performed. This way, both the patient and the doctor have an equal opportunity to contribute in the whole process and by doing so, the satisfaction of the client increases tenfold. During this initial discussion, you must not hesitate to talk about your expectation with your dentist openly, since he/she will help you determine what is and what isn’t possible to achieve.

HCR always pinpoints on the need for patients to be aware of all the different aspects of the dental procedure you are willing to undertake (the cost and recovery process); everything must be made extremely clear for you and we will always go out of our way to accomplish this.

Your cosmetic dentist will evaluate your situation during this initial consultation and by doing so, he/she will provide the best solution to your individual circumstance.

Also, you can feel free to ask your doctor concerning any questions or doubts you may have concerning the procedure. He/she will always inform you about all the different details; for example, you should know if you should stop taking certain medications or if you will need to refrain from drinking or eating for a certain time period before your procedure.

Make sure you have good communication with your dentist at all times since this will help increase your level of satisfaction. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact HCR since we will be more than happy to help you with anything you need.

The Procedure

The whole process will take several visits to your cosmetic dentist so that the best results are achieved.

When it has been determined that veneers are the best solution for your condition, then your teeth will be prepared for their placement. Your doctor will proceed to remove the upper layer of your tooth enamel (usually ― a millimeter); if you find this phase uncomfortable, anesthesia may be utilized. Once then teeth are prepared, your cosmetic dentist will make an impression (mold) of your teeth so that the porcelain veneers can be custom made. I can usually take around 1 to 2 weeks for their manufacturing, depending on the extent of the procedure.

Lastly, when the porcelain veneers are ready, they will be applied and fitted over the problematic areas. Once you and your doctor are satisfied with the fit, even it means making minor adjustments in color and shape, the veneers will be placed permanently. After a thorough cleansing of your teeth, the veneers are bonded (using bonding cement); this is then hardened through curing (utilizing a blue light), which gives them the strength of natural teeth.

Post-Op – After The Procedure

Between visits, you need be extra careful to your teeth since they may be susceptible to staining, therefore, it is recommended that you wash them often; flossing is also encouraged, since any type of swelling in the gums can put the bonding of the veneers at risk. During this period, your teeth may be sensitive to cold drink and the like, but this will disappear after the whole process is complete.

Once the permanent veneers are in place, they will feel just like your natural teeth and you will need to take care of them just as if they were your regular teeth. Keep in mind, however, that veneers are not everlasting. You will need to protect them from chipping by refraining from biting hard substances or foods, such as fruits. It is recommended you avoid habits such as biting on pencils or fingernails, as well as grinding and clenching your teeth. Avoiding such actions will increase the lifespan of your porcelain veneers and keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Health Issues

As with any type of cosmetic treatment, complications are unusual, but they sometimes do happen. However, they are usually minor and can be reduced by precisely following your doctor’s directions before and after the procedure.

Due to lack of care after the placement of their veneers, patients have been known to suffer from underlying decay of their teeth structure, gum disease and recession. Therefore, maintaining a good oral hygiene is key to reducing the complications of this procedure.

Make sure to ask your cosmetic dentist concerning any risks you might have to face when undertaking this procedure. However, you must keep in mind that our certified group of doctors works full-time to prevent such scenarios from happening, since we value the health of our patients above anything else but you most also cooperate so that risks are kept a bare minimum.

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