Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the most stable and prosperous country in Central America. Located between Panama and Nicaragua, its borders run from the northeast Atlantic Ocean to the West Coast Pacific Ocean.

Although Costa Rica is a small country, it is one of the most bio-diverse countries on earth! One acre in four is dedicated to parkland and wildlife refuges. Costa Rica’s abundant rain forests are literally teeming with wild life.

Costa Rica is a country that has something for everyone – from beaches, white water rafting, deep-sea fishing, and surfing, to rain forests, mountains, volcanoes and hiking. Visitors will love the capital city of San Jose which, being cosmopolitan in nature, offers museums, a national theater, and casinos. San Jose’s central market is a must see for all visitors. You can visit coffee plantations, butterfly farms, and villages offering local handicrafts – all within a twenty-mile radius! Costa Ricans (known as Ticos) are known for their warmth and hospitality. It is common to be adopted by a Tico family and invited to their home for a typical Costa Rican meal.

Costa Rica abolished its army in 1948 and is a neutral nation. With the abolishment of the military, funding is plentiful to enhance the standard of living for all Costa Ricans, thereby creating a social harmony that is unique to Costa Rica. Education is of key importance and Costa Rica boasts a literacy rate of 93%. The majority of the professionals are dual trained in many countries, including the United States. As a result of dual training, the majority of professionals in Costa Rica are bilingual.

Costa Rica is known throughout the world for its high quality, low cost health care. It has been noted that “the caring expressed by the doctors and dentists throughout the country is noteworthy in its extreme.”

We at HCR are proud to represent Costa Rica’s medical community and carry this philosophy one step further.