Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Costa Rica

Anti-cellulite Creams

Cellulite is characterized by the formation of tiny bulges of fat under the surface of the skin. But it is not solely the accumulation of fatty tissue that causes this annoying condition; it is also composed of a buildup of bodily residue (fat, water and others kinds of remains) that make up a gelatinous material that amasses outside the fat cells when circulation and other cellular reactions become slow and waste is not eliminated successfully.

This then leads to the accumulation of residue en the spaces between cells, provoking the much hated bulges that make up cellulite. Afterwards, when a new layer of skin piles up one on top of another, these regions harden and, in many cases, provoke pain.

The causes of cellulite are diverse; it can be due to circulatory problems o to a change in the production of liquid by the lymphatic system (solution that provides cells with nutrition and at the same time eliminates waste). When this fluid is insufficient, it cannot perform this last function properly and thus, the cellular residue starts accumulating. Another factor that is directly related to cellulite is gender; due to their constitution, women posses double the fat cells in their body than men and, consequently, show more propensity to cellulite. Furthermore, this condition is more common during certain phases, such as puberty, pregnancy, a few days before a woman’s menstruation and during menopause.

Every anti-cellulite cream that has been created to seriously attack this condition is successful due to its daily and regular application. If the cream is applied with dutifully, the studies of all the diverse cosmetic companies guarantee results. Usually, these creams are applied directly to the problem areas. They 100% safe, since most of them contain only natural ingredients and are easily absorbed by the skin to reach the cellulite immediately. These creams are offered by specialists in Costa Rica as an additional or parallel treatment to some procedures.

Adequate Candidates

For people who have sensitive or easily irritable skin, we recommend the use of colorant-free, additive-free and odor-free creams. It is always recommended to be evaluated by a specialist so that he/she can let you know which cream will be the best for your specific circumstances.

The Procedure

The local treatment of cellulite using reductive or reaffirming creams be a supportive factor in the elimination of this condition as long as the product is applied with twice a day accompanied by a massage. Its application is recommended after showering in the morning and before going to bed. The continuity in this cosmetic treatment is essential for you to obtain visible results.

The specific body creams will serve as a significant aid to any other anti-cellulite procedures you might be undertaking.Their main action is to reduce cellulite and better the feel and look of your skin. Depending on the formula, these creams can also improve your circulation and reduce the sensation of heaviness/bulginess in the legs.