This latest and incredibly innovative technique is an extremely effective therapeutic system intended for esthetic procedures and beauty spas. It combines the use of artificial intelligence (along with modern computer expertise) with traditional Chinese medicine, an institution that has thousands of years of history. These two paradigms, when placed together, create long lasting body therapy results which can be pre-programmed by this incredibly original technique.

What makes Beautytek so advantageous is the fact that its modern instruments can actually analyze the part of the body about to be treated and can diagnose the physiological conditions and the necessary measures needed to solve the problem before the treatment commences. It then applies bio-cybernetic standards to stimulate the self-restoration systems of the human body, which provide breathtaking results.

HCR is proud to offer this innovative and highly advanced service to its clients. Especially since the only beautytek machine in the whole of Central America is available in Costa Rica and it is run by a specialized clinic. You won’t be able to get this treatment at such great prices anywhere else.

This treatment is perfect for:

  • Post-pregnancy or pre/post-plastic surgery conditions.
  • Tissue tightening
  • Getting rid of cellulite
  • Scars, acne and wrinkles

History Of This Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Over 5 millennia ago, the ancient Chinese masters discovered a subtle energy flow that runs through the body but that cannot be seen, found or felt by the senses. These are the meridian lines, which are applied in the basic principles of acupuncture. If these energy lines suffer any disturbance, it will lead to the manifestation of abnormal patterns of cellular growth and constitution.

The Chinese managed to discover twelve acupuncture meridians running across the body; it is through these that the energy flows. For acupuncturists, these meridians are basically the copper wires running along an electronic circuit board. They are the pathways of negative and positive energy, carrying the communication between all the different parts of the human body.

With recent technology, meridians have been measured thermatically, electronically and radioactively. Through these meridians an invisible nutritive energy known to the Chinese as Chi flows. The Chi energy enters the body through specific acupuncture points and flows to deeper organ structures, bringing life-giving nourishment of a subtle energetic nature. These points are electro-magnetic in character and consist of small palpable spots, which can be located by hand, with micro-electrical voltage meters and with muscle testing, when they are functioning abnormally. These points are useful not only in treatment but also in diagnosis of disease states.

Adequate Candidates

There are very few circumstances in which a patient will not be able to be treated using this technique. Clients who are pregnant or breast feeding, who wear a pacemaker, who suffer from epilepsy or cancer cannot be submitted to this treatment.

Also, you must keep in mind that patients who have large metal implants or artificial hips cannot have the area of the prosthesis treated with beautytek but treatment can be performed in other regions. If you are feeling unwell, this means that the energy level of your body are running low and thus, you might not get the most out of the procedure.

The Procedure

The Procedure – Beautytek treatment is pleasant to undergo and completely painless. Before you have your first session, your clinic specialist will take a series of digital photographs of the region being treated. You will then be asked to lie on a therapy couch and given a conductor to hold. Your specialist will then wash the treatment area to remove any body creams that could affect the procedure. A specially formulated electrolyte gel will be applied to the treated area and the beautytek machine will guide your specialist through the treatment using images and instructions displayed on the monitor. The computer calculates when each treatment step is completed and automatically moves to the next step.

A very low-frequency impulse will be passed through your body, concentrating on one specific area at a time. While this stimulus is transferred from region to region using several hand-held wands, the beautytek computer will monitor will register the body’s reactions. This means that depending on your body’s response, the treatment will be constantly adjusted to create an energetic equilibrium which is achieved by calibrating the energy specifically for each individual point.

Through these hand-held wands, the energy low-frequencies and wave forms is applied to the body. This means that depending on the signal that is returned from the body (as described above), the beautytek computer will send the adequate wave form back through the wands for the therapeutic current which is needed in the treated area. This signal carries information about the cell chemistry of each cell in the affected region.

The treatment ends when the beautytek computer calculates that a physiological and energetic equilibrium has been achieved in the treated tissue. Your specialist will take a second set of digital photographs after your first treatment and then after every sixth treatment. You will be able to see any changes throughout your course as the comparative photographs are displayed side by side on the beautytek screen.

This technique basically helps to:

  • Increase the body’s energy levels
  • Redistribute water and toxins to the lymphatic pathways, which basically get rid of all the body’s waste products.
  • Readjust and regulate the body’s water balance.
  • Dehydrate fatty tissue.
  • Decompose fatty clusters.
  • Open blood vessels so that the blood flow can increase so that oxygen and nutrient levels can increase in the tissues.
  • Absorb the active ingredients in the electrolyte gel (iontophoresis).
    Usually, a beautytek session can take around an hour to be performed.

After The Treatment

After the treatment – This procedure does not imply any downtime and you will be able to return to your normal activities right away. The amount of sessions you will need will depend on the results you are looking for and the problem being treated. The body’s responses vary from person to person. However, it usually takes around 12 sessions to see any significant improvement.

When it comes to fat reduction, the effects of beautek are as permanent as any method of reducing fat, including surgery. If you follow a sensible eating and exercise plan, the treatment effects are long-lasting. When it comes to breast lifting, research has shown that the effects of a course of treatments without any maintenance sessions can last anything between three months to a year.

Maintenance treatments are recommended every three to four months to ensure the results of the procedure. Depending on your individual case, your specialist will advise what is best for you.

Health Issues

One of the essential advantages of a beautytek treatment is that it achieves dramatic results comparable with invasive surgery but without the associated risks and side effects. Beautytek treatments are performed on the skin so no uncomfortable recovery period is required and no side effects have been reported.

However, you must keep in mind that during and after beautytek treatment you may feel the urge to go to the toilet frequently. This is perfectly normal and indicates that the treatment is having a desired effect.

Helen Patterson

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