Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Costa Rica

Cold Compresses

The objective of cold compresses is to unclog and tighten the flaccid regions of the body. It is greatly recommended after reduction treatments or for post-pregnancy periods and weight loss.

While losing weight, skin will usually become flaccid and therefore, a cold compresses treatment is ideal since it helps to regenerate skin tissue, healing it and avoiding flaccidness.

It is recommended for this treatment to be performed twice a week during one month; afterwards, sessions once a month should be performed for maintenance.

What Is Cellulite?

Cold CompressesAlmost all women have cellulite. The wrongdoers are weight gain, genetic predisposition, and inevitable hormone changes throughout life. Cellulite is a very common and unattractive dimpling of the skin. Cellulite is mainly caused by a combination of fibrous bands and superficial fat. When superficial fat sections become swollen with fat, fibrous bands bind your skin, and cause dimpling at the points where there is an attachment.

Cellulite only occurs in areas where fibrous bands are present, such as the buttocks and thighs, but it may also appear on other parts of your body. Treatments for cellulite remain largely unsuccessful because they only target the appearance of cellulite. It was finally understood that the dimpling on the surface of the skin was but a symptom of the underlying cause and to banish the bumps would require a deeply acting treatment.

Adequate Candidates

This treatment is adequate for women who suffer from:

Also, it is extremely useful in cases of drainage using orientated detoxification of legs suffering from cellulite, varicose veins, edemas and inflammation.

Nonetheless, you most keep in mind that cold compresses cannot be applied if the patient is pregnant. Also, women who suffer from extreme sensibility of the bladder/kidneys, heart problems, circulation disorders or excessive sensibility to the cold aren’t adequate candidates for this treatment.

Procedure Planning

The compresses are prepared by using a liquid substance or gel that contains chemical ingredients and natural extracts (among this, menthol). Afterwards, the compresses are used to cover the problem areas of the body and are left there for around half an hour for the treatment to be effective.

During those 30 minutes, a hypothermic process takes place which brings down the body’s temperature from 37 to 35 degrees Celsius. Due to this, a cold sensation during the first few minutes is felt. On average, a daily loss of half or one pound has been observed as well as a loss of two to three centimeters in volume.

After The Treatment

There is no recovery period after this treatment and you can take up your usual activities without any kind of complication.