Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Costa Rica

Radiofrequency Treatment

When it comes to bettering your figure, you usually face three prominent problems: flaccidity of the skin, accumulated fat and lack of muscle tone. Until recently, to counter these difficulties, the only effective method available was plastic surgery. However, thanks to the recent incorporation of radio frequency in the field of esthetics, these issues, especially flaccidity, can be countered using a non-invasive, effective and painless treatment.

Radio frequency has a molding effect on the tissues because it stimulates fibroblasts, the kind of cell that is in charge of the production of new collagen fibers. Additionally, this treatment has a lifting effect because it shortens the patient’s collagen fibers as well. Thanks to the rotation of its triple helix structure, this treatment provides electromagnetic radiation that selectively bestows energy upon the dermis and sub-dermis.

What Can I Expect

Whenever it comes to cosmetic treatment, you need to keep in mind that no procedure will ever provide an ‘ideal’ aspect to your face. The aim of this kind of procedure is to achieve an improvement, to enhance your facial appearance. This can help you boost your self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself, while keeping realistic expectations. This is one of the core values we have here at HCR; we want our clients to be completely satisfied with the results of their treatment and to heighten their self-assurance.

Procedure Planning

During a radio frequency session, the following will take place:

  • Your doctor will use a frequency of 4-6ss at facial level while using a frequency of 6-10ss on the rest of your body.
  • During one session of treatment, one of the following areas can be treated: back and arms, abdomen, buttocks or thighs.
  • Before treating the designated zone, the skin is cooled at 3 ºC with a special cooling system. Afterwards, the treatment is applied at 2 & 4 MHz to stimulate the deep and superficial planes.
  • Every session takes approximately 40 to 60 minutes.
  • This treatment is painless (does not require anesthesia) and does not use needles. After your session, you can continue with your daily activities normally without any kind of setback.


Radiofrequency helps to burn fat and reduce cellulite; its lifting effect can be maintained for 2 to 3 years once the treatment is over. A maintenance session is recommended a month after finishing as well as 6 months later. On a facial level, you will find that radio frequency significantly reduces expression lines.

As with any type of cosmetic treatment, complications are unusual, but they sometimes do happen. However, they are usually minor and can be reduced by following your doctor’s directions precisely before and after the procedure.