Corporal reductive massages are an ideal and quick way to lose those extra centimeters that tend to accumulate around the hips, legs and arms. They are also ideal when it comes to treating that annoying condition called ‘cellulite’. However, these massages need to be performed by a specialist, such as the expert masseuses of HCR, since they can lead to a decrease in muscle tone if they are not performed correctly.

Reductive massages act on the conjunctive tissue and help to optimize the irrigation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Reduction takes place when the fatty acids and toxins accumulated in the problem areas are liberated. This type of procedure is ideal for:

  • Reducing localized deposits of fat located in the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, back, arms, thighs, calves, etc. It is possible to go down from 1 to 5 sizes in 15 sessions.
  • Reducing the small bulges on the abdomen, waist, hips and back that sometimes remain after a liposuction and/or liposculpture.
  • Improving your facial profile; this involves the reduction of localized fat in the cheeks, chin and neck.
  • Eliminating cellulites.
  • Reaffirming corporal sagginess, lifting your buttocks and breasts in a completely natural way.

Adequate Candidates

You must keep in mind that people who suffer from hernias in the navel, who suffer from ovary cysts or from deep venous insufficiency are not good candidates for this procedure.

At the same time, if you suffer from cancer, from alterations of the skin, painful or inflammatory states, then a reductive massage is not the treatment for you.

The Procedure

Reductive massage sessions can take place up to 2 to 3 times a week, depending on the level of treatment and the patient’s goals. Each session can last around 30 to 45 minutes. Results present themselves over time and are not immediate.

After The Treatment

Due to the drainage provoked by these massages, the elimination of toxins in the body leads to an increase in urination. Additionally, you may experience an increase in sensitivity on a muscular and dermal level due to the type of massages that are applied.

You must keep a healthy intake of food, a constant routine of exercise and drink lots of water; this is to ensure that all the toxins are eliminated successfully.

Health Issues

It is very important that the reductive massages are performed by a certified professional, like the expert masseuses at HCR in Costa Rica. If a massage technique is applied in the wrong way over such a complicated structure as fatty tissue, it can lead to the release of small spheres of fat. These are transported through the blood flow and can lead to serious complications of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Donald Bryant

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