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The MACS Face Lift Surgery

The MACS Face Lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) is an uncomplicated and effective facelift surgery that is projected to lift the lower two thirds of the face in a relatively simple manner with the smallest nuisance for the patient. Only a limited amount of excess skin needs to be removed; thusly, there will be nothing but an inconspicuous scar in the crease in the front of the ear and in the hairline above the ear after the whole procedure is done.

The MACS-lift implies less undermining of the skin than the traditional facelift and does not entail the exposure of the facial nerves. In truth, the extent of skin damage is possibly 50 per cent less than that of the traditional facelift. The MACS lift is also quicker since it takes an average of two hours to be performed compared to the four to five hours required for a traditional lift.

This MACS lift surgery takes place similarly to a traditional facelift; nonetheless, your surgeon will limit the incision to the skin hairline junction above the ear and anterior to the ear. No extension behind the ear is necessary.

Your doctor will use permanent suspension sutures to elevate the underlying tissue. These pass down to the neck, jowls and cheek fat pad. In contrast to many other facelifts which do not include significant mid face elevation, the MACS lift elevates the malar fat pad reducing the naso-labial folds.

In most cases, liposuction surgery is performed to the neck area below the angle of the mandible; this helps to remove excess fat here and to release the skin to allow it to be re-draped by the suspension sutures.
The MACS lift produces results at least the same, or by and large, better than a conventional facelift. It is idyllically suited for younger patients with a sagging mid face. In cases where there is an evident sagging of the neck, it may be necessary in some cases to make an incision posterior to the ear to take up this slack, although in this is not necessary most of the time.
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