Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Costa Rica

Thread Facelifts – Aptos Method

What is a Thread/Feather (APTOS®) Face Lift?

The Aptos Method is an exceedingly popular, minimally invasive procedure using APTOS® “threads” and a needle to lift and contour the underlying tissue of the face.

The APTOS threads have one-directional “barbs” that hook into the subcutaneous fat and lift the face when pulled into place.

The threads are placed in predetermined areas and as the collagen around the threads engulfs it, it helps lift the face even further.

How is an APTOS® thread lift performed?

First, your face is measured and marked for proper placement of the threads as discussed with your surgeon and depending on the areas you decide to have treated.

A local anesthetic is applied to numb the area and the surgeon will then make small incisions to insert a long thin tube the APTOS thread will be pushed through.

The  thread is then pulled and sutured to create a tightening affect and cut off just underneath the skin below the incision.

How many threads are needed for a full face lift?

A full face lift requires roughly 18 Aptos threads.

Two will be applied to each brow. Three will be applied to each cheek. Two will be applied for each jaw line and two for each side of the neck.

The procedure takes approximately an hour to complete.

Am I a good candidate for a Thread/Feather (APTOS®) Face Lift?

Before receiving a Thread/Feather (APTOS) Face Lift, the patient must receive a consultation from a qualified surgeon.

If you are on a weight loss plan, be certain that you have lost all of your desired weight before committing to surgery.

Surgeons should also determine your expectations during the consultation.

The doctor should be provided with a full disclosure of your medical history and medications that are being taken at the time of surgery. This will avoid complications.

During the consultation, the physician will determine what type of anesthesia to use for the best results.

Thread/Feather Face Lift Costs

The average price of a Feather Lift Face Lift varies based upon the surgeon.

In the United States, most patients may expect to pay $300 to $350 per thread. This would cost approximately $6000 for a full face lift.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost was $2,443 for this procedure in 2006.

What to Expect: Risks, Results and Recovery

Patients may experience numbness in the incision area. There is also a slight chance of infection near the incision area.

Some patients may also feel facial imbalance. Repositioning alleviates this problem. Other patients report no improvement and need a traditional face lift to correct the problem.

Recovery will only take a few days. For instance, if you have the surgery on a Friday, most patients may be able to return to work on the following Tuesday.

Most patients experience bruising and swelling, but it will subside after three to five days. After a week, the stitches are removed.

In the interim, many patients wear makeup to cover the bruising associated. During recovery, patients may not rub the face in any way.

This may disrupt the healing process and suture points. Patients will immediately notice the results of the Aptos Face Lift.

The patient’s appearance will improve over the next six weeks as the incisions heal.

The effects of an Aptos Facelift are lasting. Most recipients may expect the results to last from five to seven years.

Within one hour after surgery, most patients are able to sit up, watch television, type on the computer and engage in light walking. H

owever, patients may not engage in excessive talking, exercise, sexual activities or exaggerated facial movements.

For five days, patients may not have a facial massage, use chemical peels, shave, scrub or rub the face. Patients must also lie on their backs to sleep until the wounds heal.