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Facial Implants in Costa Rica

The surgeons are aware of the essential needs people have to feel comfortable with their appearance. Therefore, to help you feel confident about the way you look, we use facial implants to augment and improve your facial outline, providing symmetrical proportions to your face.

Your facial countenance is one of the most important and greatly noticeable features of your whole physical appearance. Consequently, facial implants may be the answer for those of you searching for stronger features and greater balance in your facial outline.

To rejuvenate, to reconstruct and to improve are the basic objectives of a facial implant procedure. There are a great variety of implants available, created from a large diversity of materials. At the same time, they come in all sizes and styles for the different divisions of your face (chin, nose, jaw, cheeks, etc) and are designed to enhance or restore the outlines and proportions of your facial features.

Our surgeries cover all types of procedures, from creating a balance in your features by altering your chin or cheekbones to strengthening your jawline to help you enhance your looks, giving you a further contoured, pronounced and enhanced facial image.

Facial Implants Prices

Please check here for price estimates. Price changes and updates are not shown on the website immediately. If you wish to obtain more information regarding the current costs of a particular procedure, please contact us .

What Can I Expect

Our most frequently asked questions are what type of results can you anticipate from a Facial Implant. HCR connects you with one of the best teams of doctors in the industry and we are therefore aware of the different types of needs our diverse patients have. But no matter what you are looking for, we will provide you with the best service and aid you in every possible way in your pursuit to enhance your appearance.

Facial implants are a certified way to help you boost your confidence and to improve your features. Keep in mind that facial implants are designed to enhance, not to provide perfection. Therefore, if your outlook is realistic and you are searching for an augment in your appearance, this type of surgery is the one for you.

These implants are used for all types of enhancements. To create a better balance in your facial contours, surgeons will usually reshape your nose or bring your chin forward to achieve this and to create better proportions. At same time, these implants can be used in conjunction with other procedures, as is usually the case with more mature patients. For instance, implants can be placed on the cheekbones to give a more youthful appearance during a facelift.

Whatever your need is, we will try to help you achieve it in the best possible way, using top of the line technology.

Surgery Planning

Before any type of procedure is performed, patients are expected to have a detailed discussion with their plastic surgeon. By doing so, both parties have the opportunity to contribute in the whole process and to increase the client’s level of satisfaction. The patient must discuss his/her expectations openly with their doctor, who will help determine what isn’t or what is possible to accomplish. All the different aspects of the surgery you are willing to undertake (the cost and recovery process) must be extremely clear to you.

Make sure to ask your doctor concerning the diverse details that the surgery entails. For example, you should know if you should stop taking certain medications or if you will need to refrain from drinking or eating for a certain time period before your surgery. It may be possible that you will need to take oral antibiotics before and after the whole operation, since this will help prevent any type of infections.

Your doctor will provide you with all the information you need concerning these procedures. If you have any questions, your surgeon will be more than happy to help you during your initial discussion.

The Procedure

Regardless of the area where the facial surgery will be performed, the procedure is always the same. A small incision will be made near the sector where the implant will be located; it can either be inside the mouth at the lip/gum junction or in a natural crease in the face. This will create a pocket in the facial tissue where the implant will be inserted. Once it is in place, the surgeon proceeds to stitch the incision and to bandage it. The whole process normally takes from 1 to 2 hours and a general anesthesia is used, although there may be cases in which a local anesthesia is utilized. The stitches are removed around 5 to 10 days later. If they are placed inside your mouth, they dissolve naturally during this previous time period.

Post-Op – After Surgery

Every person’s reaction to surgery varies in a case to case basis, therefore, it is highly recommended for you to discuss the post-surgery treatment with your doctor before you submit to the procedure. Most patients recover quickly and can return to normal activities the day after the operation.

After the surgical treatment, the area where the surgery was performed will be dressed in protective bandages. In the days to come, you can expect a certain amount of swelling and bruising, although you will be given medication to reduce this type of soreness. After five to six days, the swelling disappears, even though the bruising will take longer to withdraw. During this whole time, you can expect difficulties to eat or to speak.

With this type of operation, you may look and feel better in a short period of time. Nonetheless, you must be extra careful with the activities you participate in while you are recuperating. Please refrain from taking part in any behavior which may result in your face getting jarred or bumped for several weeks. Your plastic surgeon will give you further details concerning the do’s and don’ts during your recovery.

Health Issues

During this type of surgery, complications are unusual, but they sometimes do happen. These can include certain types of infection or adverse reactions to the anesthesia applied during the procedure.

Infections are generally treated with antibiotics, even though, in some cases, the implant must be removed and replaced. Another procedure may need to be performed, since from time to time, implants can shift slightly. However, keep in mind that these cases are very rare and certified surgeons always give their full efforts to prevent such difficulties from occurring.

Implants are mostly manufactured from a solid silicone material. At present, no scientific evidence has been given that proves that this substance is harmful to the body. If you have any concerns or question concerning the implants, feel free to discuss them with your doctor.

Make sure to let your doctor know if you smoke or if you have any previous health issues during your initial discussion. This will help maximize the success of the procedure and will minimize the risks, therefore, it is recommended that you follow your surgeons instructions at all times.

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