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Jaw Implants in Costa Rica

To provide definition, to add proper distinction and to improve a thinning bone structure, the certified doctors offer the procedure of jaw implants. Through this surgery, we can provide a more appealingly proportioned bone structure of the jaw.

Even though it is a slow and ongoing process, it can help you enhance your looks and make you feel more comfortable with your appearance. As with all cosmetic surgeries, jaw implants can help you boost your self-confidence and change the way you relate to other people.


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What Can I Expect

Every patient requests a jaw implant surgery for different reasons. It can be due to damage or injuries they have suffered at the hands of an accident or correct certain defects they have been carrying since birth. All in all, everyone who looks for this type of procedure is looking to enhance the appearance of their face.

When tackling a jaw implant, surgeons can use more than one technique and combine them at the same time during one operation. Doctors are careful to make incisions within the natural creases or fold of you face, making scars a lot less visible. You should also keep in mind that eventually, scars should fade over a certain period of time.


Surgery Planning

Before any type of procedure is performed, patients are expected to have a detailed discussion with their plastic surgeon. By doing so, both parties have the opportunity to contribute in the whole process and to increase the client’s level of satisfaction. The patient must discuss his/her expectations openly with their doctor, who will help determine what isn’t or what is possible to accomplish. All the different aspects of the surgery you are willing to undertake (the cost and recovery process) must be extremely clear to you.

You will need to inform your doctor concerning any allergies you might be prone to or if you have any serious medical conditions. Make sure to ask your doctor concerning the diverse details that the surgery entails. For example, you should know if you should stop taking certain medications (e.g: aspirin or certain vitamins) or if you will need to refrain from drinking or eating for a certain time period before your surgery. Also, if you are a smoker, you will need to inform your doctor of this and you will most likely have to refrain from smoking at least a week or two before the operation. Keep in mind that smoking restrains the blood flow to the skin and can negatively affect the healing process after the surgery.

When preparing for your surgery in Costa Rica, HCR will make sure to provide all the best possible services during your procedure. We will arrange for your transport and will offer the best commodities during your recovery. All this can be arranged previously with our organization.

Having a good communication with your surgeon at all times will help increase your level of satisfaction, therefore, please do not hesitate to contact HCR since we will be more than happy to help you with anything you need.

The Procedure

A whole jaw implant operation generally takes from 1 to 2 hours; however, this time period varies depending on the extent of work that needs to be performed and in the complexity of the techniques (for example, reconstruction or bone grafts) your surgeon will be using. Your stay at the health center also depends greatly on all this and your doctor will inform you accordingly prior to the surgery. Generally, full-body anesthesia is utilized in this type of procedure.

Implants are placed on top or below the jaw bone and incisions will be made in a predetermined place, usually on either side of the lower lip. This creates a pocket where the implants are to be inserted. Depending on the client’s needs and desired results, the implants may be taken out more than once during the operation, so that the surgeon can customize them accordingly. Once the desired effect is achieved, the implants are screwed into place or sutured; in some cases, percutaneous stitches are utilized (when they remain partially out of the skin for eventual removal when they have moderately dissolved within).

In other instances, the implants may not be sutured at all and will remain inside the pocket, using the body’s own collagen to keep them in place. When this is the case, your surgeon will usually make you wear head wrapping or tape during sleep, which helps your face heal properly.

When the implants are properly situated, your doctor closes the incisions with stitches, generally using the percutaneous sutures mentioned above. There may be a need for you to have an antibiotic soaked piece of gauze placed between your gums, inner jaw and your upper molars. A pressure bandage can also be placed around your head.

Post-Op – After Surgery

As it commonly occurs in most cosmetic surgeries, you can expect increased swelling and bruising between 24 to 48 hours prior to the operation. This will usually lessen significantly during the next several days, but a milder swelling which generally persists can keep the final outline of your face from becoming evident for a few months. Once it does, you will notice that you now possess a more youthful and defined jaw outline.

It is recommended for you to sleep with your head elevated from at least 7 to 14 days after the operation. You can also expect a mild level of discomfort during the first weeks which may be treated by prescribed medication if the pain is excessive or if you present other symptoms, such as unwarranted redness. You will become aware of certain changes in your smile, sporadic pain in your jaw area, a strange feeling of tightness or pulling as well cold or hot sensations.

During your recovery period, your diet and activities will be kept in check. The movement of your mouth (smiling, talking, eating, etc.) will be limited from several days to weeks after the procedure. When eating, you need to make sure that all vegetables and fruits are cleansed properly and you have to refrain from eating rare or raw meat (for example, sushi) since this type of food can contain elevated amounts of bacteria which may provoke an infection.

You need to take extra care during this time; therefore, your doctor will give you detailed instructions on how to deal with your oral and dental hygiene. You will have to refrain from participating in strenuous activities, such as sports, which may cause your face to be bumped or jarred. Try not to lift heave objects or bend over for at least 3 weeks, since this can cause internal bleeding in your treatment area. To increase your body’s blood flow, blood vessels dilate and this can cause problems in your internal wound sites.

Health Issues

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, complications are unusual, but they sometimes do happen.

In the case of jaw implants, infection is extremely uncommon, but in the case of its occurrence, it is treated with antibiotics during a five day period. Infection can happen when an implant shifts slightly out of place and further surgery can sometimes be needed to remove it temporarily and to be replaced later on. However, keep in mind that these cases are very rare and certified surgeons always give their full efforts to prevent such difficulties from occurring.

Implants are mostly manufactured from a solid silicone material. At present, no scientific evidence has been given that proves that this substance is harmful to the body. If you have any concerns or question concerning the implants, feel free to discuss them with your doctor.

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