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IPL Skin Resurfacing in Costa Rica

IPL (intense pulsed light) is technically not a real laser. Unlike lasers, this technique used white light made up of many frequencies (i.e: colors of light); lasers, on the other hand, used only 1 wavelength type of light. This gives IPL an advantage since it can effectively treat multiple skin problems. It can make your skin appear younger, brighter and more radiant. IPL rejuvenates the skin, all around the body, by painlessly using white light to penetrate into the skin’s dermis.

Once the light enters the skin, it uses all different wavelengths of IPL that are taken in by the elements within the skin. So, each specific skin problem will absorb a different type of wavelength; broken capillaries will take in a specific type while age-spots and fibroblasts (responsible for making new collagen within the skin) absorb a different kind each. This causes amazing changes in the skin, making it appear younger and rejuvenated.

One of the big difference that IPL offers is that the operator controls all aspects of the light pulse, including cutoff wavelength (nm), energy level (Joules/cm2), pulse duration (milliseconds), pulse pattern (single, double, or triple), and delay time between pulses (milliseconds). All this gives the surgeon a precise control of light energy, which in this treatment is used for customization for skin type, procedure progress and other factors.

IPL is gentler than most lasers and works for different kinds of treatments. It usually takes around 5 sessions to reach significant improvement. Nonetheless, after each treatment, there is little visible healing other than some darkening of the skin or mild redness for a few days to a couple of weeks. These can usually be covered by makeup from the day of treatment. Patients may experience mild discomfort with IPL treatments. Some say it is similar to the snapping of a rubber band. Discomfort during the procedure can be reduced by topical anesthetic cream applied before the session.

However, the main advantage of this technique is that it doesn’t imply any downtime. You do not need any recovery after treatment and will be able to return to your normal activities in around half an hour.

There are many skin conditions out there that cause people to become extremely self-conscious of their face. Luckily, modern technology has been able to come up with methods that eliminate such problems in an effective and efficient manner.

IPL can be used for several skin treatments, such as:

Reduction of eythema – this condition implies a redness of the face, neck or chest. It takes around 5 sessions to obtain up to a 75% reduction with benefits continuing up to a whole year after the procedure. If you receive any additional maintenance treatments, this time period can be extended greatly.

Rosacea – this skin condition implies a low-grade inflammation of the skin which produces an intense redness. This problem can be dealt with oral antibiotics and other kind of medications. However, IPL treatment nullifies the condition and reduces the inflammation and can eliminate the need to take medications.

Flushing – this problem consists of the sporadic redness of the face, chest and neck; this condition causes great embarrassment to lots of people. It can occur due to alcohol consumption or stress. This condition can be reduced by 75% just after 5 treatments with IPL.

Sun damage – excessive exposure to the sun can cause irregular pigmentation, wrinkles, freckling, give the skin a coarse appearance, a dull texture and large pores. With IPL, these skin characteristics can be greatly reduced and can rejuvenate it and give it a brighter appearance.

Pigmentation problems – issues such as melasma, pregnancy-mask or brown age spots can be treated successfully using IPL. This treatment can effectively reduce this uneven pigmentation and its effect can be magnified by using some special skin-care products.

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