Thigh Lift in Costa Rica

After losing significant weight the skin on inner thigh starts to sag. The excess skin and adipose tissue are not aesthetically pleasing. The cosmetic appearance, the physical problems like skin discoloration, chaffing, difficulty in walking all come to play an important part after the weight loss. Most persons do not like to been seen wearing shorts because of the excess flaccidity of the skin.

Any person that has loose skin in the inner thigh and/or excessive adipose tissue is a candidate for this type of procedure. It is well know that rubbing between the legs causes itching, hyper pigmentation and even fungus infections.

Thigh Lift – The Procedure

Most of the time this procedure is performed under local anesthesia. First liposuction is performed, then an incision is made in the inguinal fold; the skin is separated from the underlying tissues and the excess skin is removed.

The skin with its underlying tissue is sutured in three layers. No suture removal is required; they will reabsorb. No drains are used. A thigh lift procedure can be combined with other procedures like Arm lift, facelift, breast surgery and tummy tuck.

Thigh Lift – Postoperatory

The incision will be covered with sterile gauze and then a panty type garment will be provided. The garment will be used for 2-3 weeks. Since the inguinal area is a very humid area and it is always in movement we really have to take care of the incision; no excessive walking for one week; no jogging for 2 weeks.

You will be able to wear shorts as the incision will be hidden in the inguinal fold. Your legs will feel less tired because of less skin sagging, which can provide an increase in your overall physical activity.