Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Costa Rica

EndoVenous Laser Treatment

This innovative procedure is an alternate treatment to the surgical removal of varicose veins. It is simple, quick and extremely effective; its objective is to heat the inside of the vein and cause it to seal shut and therefore, disappear.

EndoVenous laser treatment (EVLT) can be performed under local anesthesia and only takes 45 minutes for your legs to obtain a whole new appearance. The recovery from this treatment is extremely rapid and since it a very precise procedure, the risks of scarring are minimal.

Before The Treatment

Before you submit yourself for specialized treatment of your varicose vein, your doctor will need to evaluate you in order to make sure that all potential issues that may bring complications have been fully discussed. Patients should consider treatment when the veins commence to cause discomfort and pain, and especially when self-help procedures have not rendered any results.

You will need to inform your doctor of any allergies you might be prone to or if you have any serious medical conditions. Make sure to ask the doctor concerning the diverse details that the procedure entails.

Your doctor will give you instructions so that you may prepare for the procedure properly and you might need to refrain from applying moisturizer, oil or sunblock on your legs sometime before.

The Procedure

This technique requires for a thin laser fiber to be inserted into the problematic vein. By using an ultrasound machine, the doctor maps out the vein and then applies the local anesthesia. Using a small needle at the end of the vein, the fiber is inserted inside and advanced until it reaches the end. This laser fiber then heats the inside of the vein and once the procedure is done, it is withdrawn back down as it was inserted.

After The Procedure

EndoVenous Laser TreatmentThis procedure leaves no scars and has minimal pain and discomfort following the treatment. Your recovery period will be extremely quick and you can expect to resume normal activities the very next day, which means that you do not need to wear any uncomfortable compression stockings for long periods of time.

Many doctors recommend for you to resume walking right after the procedure, so that any type of swelling you might experience will be kept at bay. You can expect a small amount or bruising and soreness, which can be addressed with non-prescribed pain killers.

Health Issues

At the moment, scientific research has not discovered any risks related to EVLT, since it is a highly advanced procedure and uses the latest technology in the industry. In precaution, you will be giving some special goggles to wear during the treatment to protect your eyes from an accidental firing of laser outside the body.