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Foam Sclerotherapy Treatment

Sclerotherapy consists in the injection, into the affected veins, of a special chemical product that irritates the endothelium (inner wall of the vein). This then seals, collapses or ‘dries’ the dilated blood vessels. After several sessions, this chemical leads to the re-absorption and the gradual disappearance of the veins.

There are different types of sclerosing solutions and it is in this small detail where the foam sclerotherapy technique used by many doctors becomes such an innovating treatment. Along with this new type of sclerosing agent, this new technique has led to the increase in effectiveness as well as to the diminishing of risks and complications. This foam has been specially prepared to allow a better contact with the inner walls of the veins it treats and therefore, it provides improved results than the usual sclerosing solution.

If you are self conscious about the way your legs look, then a sclerotherapy treatment with a doctor in Costa Rica may be the solution for you. By removing the ‘spider’ and varicose veins, your legs will regain a more youthful appearance, enhancing your self-confidence and the way you feel about yourself.

Before The Treatment

The best candidates for this treatment usually fall in the age range of 30 to 60. However, these types of veins can become visible in women very early in their lives, such as in their teenage years. ‘Spider veins’ aren’t as common in men as in women, but they sometimes do happen; keep in mind that foam sclerotherapy has the same level of effectiveness in both sexes.

A great advantage this treatment has over other similar procedures is that foam sclerotherapy can be used when it comes to all kinds vein issues. This treatment can be adapted to each individual case since there are many variables that must be considered. It is effective for spider veins or subcutaneous blood vessels as well as on varicose veins of greater size and volume. All of these can be treated with foam sclerotherapy!

During your initial discussion, your doctor will most likely mark the affected areas of your legs and will examine you to see if you suffer from more serious circulatory problems. If this is the case, your doctor will need to address these problems first before a sclerotherapy treatment can be performed.

The doctor will give you specific instructions that must be followed before the treatment can begin. In some instances, you will have to avoid using moisturizing creams or sun block on the skin of your legs some time before.

The Procedure

The foam is injected through a single practically painless puncture. The bigger the affected vein, the less number of punctures will be necessary. The doctor will control the treatment through a monitor; this allows the movement of the foam to be closely monitored. Through the use of this equipment you’re the doctor will be able to direct the foam towards the places where it is needed the most.

In the case of spider veins (due to the fact that they are thinner and smaller) it may be necessary to make more than one puncture using very small needles. Due to this, some doctors will sometimes use a spray anesthetic to avoid any discomfort.

The foam used in this treatment consists in a mix of sodium tetradecyl sulfate (STS), a sclerosing solution used for the past 40 years, and a determined combination of gases. This blend produces a type of foam with some very particular physical and chemical characteristics. Currently, it can be used for the treatment of any kind of vein, no matter its size or location.

At the end of your session, your doctor will place a compression stocking over the treated area; you will have to wear this during the following weeks. Depending on each individual case, the use of this compression stocking may be needed for longer or less time. However, you must remember that wearing this special stocking is an important factor when it comes to obtaining good results.

After The Procedure

After a foam sclerotherapy treatment you can return to your usual activities and lead a completely normal life. Nonetheless, it is usually better to avoid any kind of strenuous sports or activities for some time.

Walking helps to decrease the side effects of the injections, therefore it is recommended that you exercise moderately for a minimum of once a day (in 20 minute sessions) during the period you are required to wear your compression stocking. This helps to decrease the pressure in the superficial veins. You should refrain from taking hot baths during the first week after treatment, since heat dilates veins and can neutralize the effect of the foam sclerotherapy.

The full effects of a foam sclerotherapy treatment will be able to be seen after several weeks and you will find a significant improvement in the appearance of your legs. For this reason, many doctors recommend waiting a few weeks before submitting yourself to another foam sclerotherapy session.


Currently there are qualified clinical guides (certified by international scientists) in circulation that guarantee that foam sclerotherapy is a safe technique with minimum secondary effects and with a similar effectiveness as that of conventional vein surgery. Presently, thousands of foam sclerotherapy sessions take place daily and as time progresses, more and more vascular specialists are discovering the advantages of this treatment.

Make sure to ask your doctor concerning any risks you might have to face when undertaking this procedure. In order to keep the risks at a bare minimum, please make sure that you follow the doctor’s instructions at all times. treatment.


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