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 Costa Rica Plastic Surgery and Dental Implants are affordable options

Costa Rica’s dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and plastic surgery are a hidden treasure, but not a well-kept secret. Each year, thousands of men and women take advantage of the low-cost, high-quality care provided by Costa Rica’s cosmetic surgeons and dentists. In fact, a 2017 survey conducted by the University of Costa Rica found that 14.25% of all visitors to Costa Rica come to receive some sort of medical care – most often cosmetic surgery and dental implants. We can help you find a Costa Rica dentist to meet all your general dentistry needs as well.

You too can experience the economical and health benefits of having your cosmetic surgery or dental surgery performed in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Whether traveling to Costa Rica for cosmetic surgery, dental implants, or gastric bypass surgery, we are dedicated to assisting you with every aspect of your visit. Doctors and dentists, most of who have been duel-trained in the United States and Costa Rica, represent only the best in healthcare. Their staff, as well as their patient coordinators, speak English and are not only knowledgeable of the country, but have been specially trained in the areas of cosmetic surgery and dentistry as well.

Costa Rica Plastic Surgery Packages

Not all procedures offered are listed. Please contact us for additional procedures.

Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery in Costa RicaMorbid obesity is a chronic condition that can seldom be treated with diet and exercise alone. Many people have turned to weight loss surgery as a viable option to a condition that can severely effect individuals both physically and emotionally. This much needed surgery can be out of reach financially for many patients in the United States.

You will be excited to learn that Costa Rica not only offers quality medical care, but offers it at a fraction of the cost for the same procedures in the United States. This allows you to use some of your savings to have your surgery and enjoy the beautiful country of Costa Rica at the same time.

Is weight loss surgery in Costa Rica less expensive then in Mexico?

Yes! Costa Rica not only offers a lower cost weight loss surgery but also a SAFER, friendlier environment. Couple that with the majestic beauty of its rain forest, volcanoes, hot springs, and spectacular beaches and you can’t find a better deal anywhere!

Dental Implants and Quality Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants & Quality Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa RicaCosta Rica has become the Mecca for high quality cosmetic dentistry over the past decade. The lower cost is not due to a lack of quality, on the contrary the materials used are ADA approved and are from the top manufactures. The reason for lower cost is because of the lower cost of living in Costa Rica and insurance.

The top dentists in Costa Rica all have their dental training in the United States at the same institutions that the dentists in the US attend.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

Get a FREE Quote for Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry & Plastic Surgery in Costa RicaFor some patients it is simply because they want a younger look. Cosmetic dentistry is like having a dental facelift, it reverses the natural aging of their teeth. While for others they are tired of living with unattractive teeth, and lastly for others cosmetic dentistry is needed to allow them to speak and eat comfortably, it is simply a medical necessity. Affordable Costa Rica dental implants allow these patients to live a normal life.

Today, patients are looking overseas to find the best prices with the highest quality of work and their insurance companies are encouraging them to do so. Insurance companies, like Blue Cross Blue Shield, have our dentists as preferred providers and can do direct billing.